The unmet needs in COPD

Understanding the clinical need of patients with COPD and modifying the impact of their disease are now a major focus of healthcare systems. Yet COPD continues to increase across both the developed and the developing world.1,2 So why is this occurring, and what are the unmet needs in COPD that account for this increase?

What are the unmet needs?

The pathogenesis of COPD is complex, and studies have demonstrated that airway inflammation plays an important role.3,4 The inflammation seen in COPD is clearly different from that seen in asthma, with a predominantly neutrophilic rather than eosinophilic bronchitis.5,6 The lung is a primary target for neutrophil recruitment and activation7  and the neutrophil is a primary mediator of inflammation in COPD. Reducing COPD-specific inflammation is a major unmet need in COPD management that is adressed by few treatments.

The other major unmet clinical needs are summarized below.

Unmet needs in COPD 

  1. More effective diagnosis and disease prevention
  2. Better symptom control
  3. Prevention of exacerbations
  4. Slowing and possible prevention of disease progression
  5. Reduction of disease-related mortality
  6. Identification and reduction of systemic disease secondary to COPD and comorbidities8

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Inflammation in COPD

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