Prevention of exacerbations

A decrease in the number of exacerbations experienced by patients is still a major unmet need in COPD.

Many COPD patients experience periodic worsening of their symptoms reflecting an acute deterioration in lung mechanics1 and airway inflammation secondary to viral and/or bacterial infection.2,3 These exacerbations contribute to impaired health status4,5 and increased hospitalization costs,6 and predict mortality.7

Exacerbations range from unreported increases in patients’ symptoms8 through to periods requiring ventilatory support.

The GOLD strategy document recommends that effective management of stable COPD should include the following goals9:

Reducing symptoms

• Relieve symptoms
• Improve exercise tolerance
• Improve health status

Reducing risk

• Prevent disease progression
• Prevent and treat exacerbations
• Reduce mortality

Preventing exacerbations in patients with COPD is important because it reduces future risk of hospitalization and mortality.9


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