COPD publications

This section provides links to publications that will help you expand your knowledge about COPD and gain access to additional information that you may find useful in your clinic.

Unless otherwise indicated, Takeda neither affiliates with nor endorses any of the following publications.

The following lists of publications are not intended to be all-inclusive, but are a representative sampling of key published data in COPD. 


COPD – the burden of disease


COPD patients with symptoms of chronic bronchitis/chronic cough and sputum are at more risk of COPD exacerbations and mortality 


COPD exacerbations are associated with increases in airway inflammation


Patients with frequent exacerbations have an increased risk of disease progression


Frequent exacerbations reflect an independent susceptibility phenotype


The underlying inflammation of COPD is different to asthma inflammation


COPD management


Exacerbations – definition and diagnosis


COPD – a systemic inflammatory disease


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