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COPDforum is a global organization committed to delivering professional education materials in COPD. The organization was created in 2004 and has evolved to focus on the science, research, clinical issues and treatment paradigms for COPD. The group is chaired by Sidney Braman and Peter Barnes and boasts some of the world's foremost leaders in COPD as part of the leadership. The educational resources are developed and updated regularly by the leadership and are available online, without registration or fees. COPDforum is supported by Takeda.


The mission of COPDforum is to increase the understanding of key issues in COPD.


The objectives of COPDforum are to:

  • Create educational resources for physicians worldwide
  • Deliver credible scientific educational resources
  • Provide easy access
  • Deliver materials of value to physicians

COPDforum offers:

  • An online resource of more than 500 fully referenced educational slides, case studies, images and videos to be used for educational purposes
  • Material developed by the world's foremost leaders in COPD as part of the COPDforum leadership
  • Free access with email notifications available
  • Continuously updated material to reflect the latest knowledge and developments in COPD

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